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How to clear your browser's cache?

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Browser’s cache is a mechanism for the storage of often used website elements in order to load the site more quickly in future. However, it may be inconvenience when you want to see the website’s new version.

Internet Explorer

  • Click ‘Tools’ on the Internet Explorer menu bar
  • Select ‘Internet Options’
  • Click ‘General’ tab
  • In ‘Temporary Internet Files’ click ‘Delete’
  • If the problem still exist, repeat actions above and reboot your computer.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click ‘Preferences’ on the Firefox menu bar
  • Select ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Select ‘Network’ tab
  • Click ‘Clear now

Ustawienia pamięci podręcznej Firefox


  • Click the Wrench icon on a toolbar
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Advanced settings’
  • In ‘Privacy’ section select ”Clear browsing data…’
  • Select ‘Clear cache’
  • Click ‘Clear browsing data

Ustawienia Cookies Google Chrome
Ustawienia Cookies Google Chrome


  • Click ‘Edit’ on a menu toolbar
  • In ‘File’ menu select ‘Preferences’
  • Click ‘History and cache’
  • Click ‘Cache’
  • Click ‘OK’ to close ‘Preferences’ window
  • Find more detailed information on on Opera Help Cache.

Publication date: 2014-03-21