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Not everyone has to be fluent in everything. For instance, we don't know how to successfully carry out appendectomy. Moreover, we don't know how to aim to make the worst possible damage with a cannon or how to conduct tracheotomy with a pen :)

How to clear your browser’s cache?

Browser's cache is a mechanism for the storage of often used website elements in order to load the site more quickly in future. However, it may be inconvenience when you want to see the website's new version.

What does it mean ‘to accept cookies from websites’?

What does “Responsive Design” mean?

Lately, the abbreviation RWD, which stands for Responsive Web Design, is getting more and more popular. Every site has to be 'responsive'. But what does it really mean?

What browser and system do I use?

It's our pleasure to help you - we detected specifications of your browser and operating system.

Why won’t we create a website in 7 hours?

Well, we could do it, even in an hour. But if we showed it to anyone, we would burn with shame. Creating a good website takes a lot of work and is very time-consuming. We can tell you why.