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Fine feather make fine birds

Today, a logo is not only a way to identify a company. It’s a certain class affiliation. Your prospective customers, in addiotion to buying your product, are eager to pay for a given brand’s label.

The indentification system should be unique and special. It’s key element is a logotype. The company’s identity also consists of elements such as typography or common forms and rules applied to PR and marketing (business cards, headed paper, leaflets, folders, cataloques, etc.).

Connectedness of all these indentification elements will guarantee recognition of the brand among prospective recipients and scrupulous abiding by the indentification system will buttress the brand on the market.

A good corporate image is the key to successful business growth. The graphics and logotypes designed by MDA are simple and clear signs, which will be long remembered by your clients.

A sign book, selected pages (example)


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