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Online shops

20 million of Internet users shopped on the Internet in 2013 alone. Online shopping market raised its revenue up to 26 billion zloty! The upward tendency doesn’t seem to change.

Selling platforms gained advantage over traditional shops. Shopping without leaving home, much bigger choice, possibility to immediately compare prices in shops nationwide or safe cashless transactions – these are the reasons why we less and less often buy in traditional shops.That’s why many contractors decide to implement online shopping systems.

We will built for you an online shop, whose image will attract customers and will surprise them with its functionality. All you have to take care of is appropriate price and quality of your products. Our application will provide you with easy service and control over your business and help you decently serve your customers. If needed, we can import your client and product base to the new platform.

The process of building an online shop is complex and consists of following stages:


1. Analysis

We will conduct not only competitor analysis. We will also analyse your needs and prepare the most profitable solutions. In this stage, we will propose and choose technologies, which are the most suitable to the realisation of your online shop.


2. Planning

We will think through all possible solutions foryour project and present them. We will systematise the demands and specify options and functionality of your future e-business. We will plan the project realisation, so it can go smoothly and trouble-free.

Przygotowanie makiet

3. Layouts / Prototypes

On the basis of the analysis and the plan we will prepare the project’s layouts, which will help you imagine the final design of your future online shop. In this stage we eliminate your doubts about the layout and functions of the website.

Projekt graficzny

4. A graphic concept

On the basis of the layouts approved by you, we create your online shop design. After accomplishing the satisfying design, the graphic files will be ‘translated’ into web browsers’ language.


5. Software

In this stage, our programmers will take care of your website software and eventually create a fully functional online shop containing all the functions mentioned in the project specification.


6. Testing

Depending on the requirements and the type of the project, we can offer tests within our company, as well as involving respondents selected from the target group from outside our company, who will conduct scenario-based testing. The former’s aim, in addition to eliminating any errors, is to maximally customise the project to its recipients, assess the difficulty of perfoming tasks and getting to specific information.

Oddanie projektu

7. Project delivery

Contratulations. In this stage we deliver the project to you. We instruct you and your crew how to manage the shop service. We will give you valuable advice on appealing product presentation, promotion, text formatting and inviting contents presentation.


8. Development

We are proud of everyone who develops. That’s why we will eagerly engage in your project development. We will take care of modifications of details, as well as creating new functions.

Open Source implementation

We implement the best and most famous Open Source solutions such us Magenta and PrestaShop for our clients.

MDAsystems - Wdrożenia Open Source PrestaShop Magento

PrestaShop is the most common e-commerce software in the world. PrestaShop contains more than 300 advanced functions and over 2500 ready embedded modules, so it is hard to imagine an online shop impossible to build basing on this system. The software is used by more than 150 000 online shops in 150 countries, wchich guarantees greater safety and stability than any dedicated solution. Moreover, PrestaShop won prestigious awards in Open – Source Awards in a category “Best Business Application” in 2010 and 2011. E-commerce experts such as TechCrunch, eBay, Google and PayPal also appreciated the software.
Megenta is a highly advanced Enterprise solution. It is a great platform even for most developed and requiring e-commerce systems. Magenta is used by brands such as Angry Birds, Nike, Men’s Health and Lindt. Is there any better recommendation?

Any questions? Contact us.

If you would like to fin out more about online shops, its functions and options, or if you have any questions concerning our offer, send an e-mail at: or call: +48 61 661 48 58.

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