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Social Media

A conscious approach to effective marketing actions in social media consists of many elements:


1. Analysis

We begin our cooperation with getting to know your company. We are interested in literally every aspect of it! ! Its market position, environment, competitors, products and services and plans for the future. We conduct an audit of the marketing actions taken so far and we express an opinion on potential measures. The gatherd data let us take the next step, which is…


2. Strategy

In social media, a company without a strategy is like a babe in the woods. In agreement with you, we design a coherent social media strategy, matched to the direction of the development of your company. The strategy contains the answers to different kinds of questions. It explains why it is worth to use social media as a mean of communication (maybe in your opinion it is not worth it?) and how to use the device – to sell, to inform, to serve, to create your image? We include a clear division of labour, in the strategy document. We assign tasks to you and to ourselves – we believe that only united cooperation leads to success. We select appropriate to your company social networking service. Not every service is good for everyone. We always find the right ones. Time matters too. We prepare a schedule of our marketing actions for the period of our cooperation. We thoroughly appraise our services within budget. As a result, we achieve the intended, measurable goal established with you. We employ the available analitical devices to assess the degree of realisation. We also use them to manage the potentionally critical situations.

Przygotowanie makiet

3. Creation and implementation

The strategy is a map. It’s time to hit the road. We prepare the social media profiles of your company from scratch and integrate them with your official website. We fully manage the communication following the rules we mutually agreed on. We take care of its visual and verbal aspect, adhering to design and copywright standards. We create communities around your brand, we engage their members and we interact with them. Not only between 9 am to 17 pm, but every time it is necessary. We answer the questions, allay doubts, moderate the discussions. We deliver latest technological solutions, so that the interraction with your brand is a valuable experience.

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4. Monitoring and reports

We understand that the effects matters. That’s why we employ latest solutions enabling website monitoring. Thanks to this, we know wchich of our actions are the most effective, which trends bring biggest profits and, what is more, what we can do better. In a few words, we reanalyse. the strategy. We present our conclusions in clear periodic reports and share it with you and we implement the studied solutions.

What can you expect? (Facebook example)


  • we will prepare attractive visuals and landing page with the logotype of your company – a unique and interractive welcome homepage the links displayed
  • we will edit and adjust exeptional content basing it on our excellent copyright skills and years of experience
  • we will organise unforgettable contests and promotional actions – we will come up with the idea and mechanism, we will take care of the implementation, promotion and administration, so that the final report of the campaign is satisfying for you
  • in order to spark a dialogue between the brand and the consumers, we create from scratch unique and memorable games, applications and contests
  • we will promote events and the brand employing contextual advertising
  • through funny and informative posts aimed at the target group, we will constantly keep in touch with the fans
  • we will monitor your brand’s position on the Internet
  • we will integrate social media devices to increase their effectiveness – our activity on one of the networking services will be automatically signalised on the others

Any questions? Contact us.

If you would like to fin out more about social media or if you have any questions concerning our offer, send an e-mail at: or call: +48 61 661 48 58.

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