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Web design

We created websites long before starting MDAsystems Agency. We contributed to creating the Polish Internet from the beginning.

The Internet services prepared by us are thoroughly considered unity. We will realise any project for you. From a simple corporate card, through extended corporate services, corporate websites, Adobe Flash® multimedia websites, to extended Internet portals.

A team of creative individuals will build a decent image of your company on the Internet and take care of every aspect of its presence on the web. Throughout the whole process of making the project you will be provided with a Project Manager’s keeping, whom you can call anytime you have any questions about the realisation of your website.

Open Source implementation

We implement the best and most famous Open Source, solutions such as WordPress, Drupal or Typo3.

MDAsystems - Wdrożenia Open Source

WordPress system is dedicated mainly for blog, but it’s a satisfying system for standard websites too. Thequality of the system is confirmed by numerous famous people, organisations, magazines or brands who use the system as their website base. WordPress is used by e.g. The Rolling Stones, The New York Times, CNN and eBay!

Drupal is one of the most famous Content Management Systems (CMS) on market. It was awarded many times as the best CMS of the year (2007, 2008, 2009). It’s used by brands such as: Lucas Arts, NVidia, Mattel, Fujifilm, Intel, Zappos, AT&T, BBC or Forbes. Drupal can be successfully implemented in small as well as big websites. It’s great asset is huge configurative potential.

TYPO3 system is an Enterprise class solution, targeted mainly at corporations, byt also large and medium companies. It’s the most developed system among mentioned and works particularly effectively in advanced services management, e.g. multiple sites administration from one CMS. TYPO3 is used by corporations of international renown such as: Lindt, Lufthansa, Leica, Phillips, Tamron czy Villeroy & Boch.

An advantage of Open Source systems

A compelling argument for choosing Open Source software is the fact that its source code is open (public). As an effect, it’s very widely tested (errors are immediately twitted by the users) and the quality of the source code is very high.

Using the mentioned solutions is usually free (license), thus the entire process of creating a website or an online shop is more economic (as compared to a dedicated solution).

Not only lower initial cost is significant here. There are many additional modules available for the mentioned solutions, whose implementation is much less costly than writing such functions for a dedicated product.

Another advantage of Open Source solutions is that majority of companies knows how they work. The dedicated solutions usually can be served by the company who created them. What follows, developing the system in other companies is much more expensive.

Any questions? Contact us.

If you would like to fin out more about the costs of launching a website, its functions and options, or if you have any questions concerning our offer, send an e-mail at: or call: +48 61 661 48 58.

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