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What does it mean 'to accept cookies from websites'?

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Cookie files (cookies)

Cookies are small pieces of data (numeric text files) stores by the Internet browser on the computer user’s disk. Cookie files enable websites to save the user’s preferences on a given site. The ‘Remember me’ function at login is often used mechanism based on cookie files.

Cookie files are also used by advertisers in order to remember whether the user has already seen a given advertisement or not. The mechanism enables to show a given advertisement just once. Cookie files are also used by Google Analytics to track traffic on websites.

Law amendment

22 March, 2013 the Telecommunications Law amendment bill went into effect. The bill is known as the Cookie Law. The bill imposed an obligation on website owners to inform the visitors about using the cookie files. The amendment was enforced by the European Parliament, which prepared a document including directives for the member states. According to the new law, every site using cookie files (even if it has Google Analytics installed) is obliged to inform the visitors about it.

Correct Cookie Statement

Correct statement formulation has to clearly inform the cybernaut about using cookie files by a website. The statement should refer the user to a document including more detailed information about types of cookies and about the reason why the files are stored. The document should also inform how to disable cookie files in a browser. The statement should be displayed until the user knowingly accepts it.

Publication date: 2014-03-21