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Dedicated platforms

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Dedicated platforms

Exactly what you need!

A presonalised business software doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Modern technologies and flexibility of our solutions make us ready to manage even most requiring projects.

Lack of the customised solutions is no longer an issue. We will create a custom-made software for you. In effect, you will get an application that will fully satisfy your needs and fulfill your demands.

Our experienced specialists will advise you suitable technologies and solutions, so your software could be fast and functional, and its service trouble-free and self-explanatory. Tests conducet among differentially advanced users will help the application reach the highest standards.


Thanks to our team’s experience, your software will use the best latest technologies. As a result, your application will be scaled and easy to develop anytime. A wide range of technologies enables us to create any software application.

MDAsystems - technologie - jQuery, Varnish, Apache Solr, PHP, Adobe AIR, CakePHP, MySQL

Data import and integration

You don’t have to worry about your data – we will easily import them to your new application! We will integrate your new software with different outside software, such as Subiekt GT or other applications of the ERP class.

Any questions? Contact us.

If you would like to fin out more about the costs of dedicated platforms, its functions and options, or if you have any questions concerning our offer, send an e-mail at: or call: +48 61 661 48 58.

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