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Why won't we create a website in 7 hours?

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Well, we could do it, even in an hour. But if we showed it to anyone, we would burn with shame. Creating a good website takes a lot of work and is very time-consuming. We can tell you why.

Running any kind of business without an Internet presence is pointless, or at least much more difficult than in the past. If you are aware of it, good for you. The awareness does not necessarily mean that you know what to do next. Various clients’ differ in their needs, so every website is different. If you want your website to be an effective means of communication, let us take care of it.

Firstly, we need to get to know each other and talk about what you do. The knowledge of your company is vital for us to choose the best solutions for you, Knowing your products and services, we will be able to conduct competitor analysis and find out what kind of solutions is effective in your industry. We will also be able to get to know its specific character and get the feel of it. In other words, we need time for the exploration.

Next, we meet with you again to introduce our conclusions to you, They usually turn out to be pertinent. Now it’s your  turn – you tell us what the purpose of you site is, what goals you set for your website and what your target group is. You run a shop and you want to sell online? Or maybe you want to attract customers to your restaurant? You can also wish for a virtual portfolio for your photo service. In fact, you can wish for anything, but you have to to tell us what you aim for as we cannot start working on a project without it.

Right, the project! It is not about a few clicks of a mouse before placing the content on a website (the content needs to follow the Internet satndards, have you known that?). It’s a long process. We commence it with arranging the content of particular microsites (the placing of the contact form of  information about you – it really matters!) and designing their layouts – kind of a framework picturing the website structure. Good navigation is essential. The website has to be usable, so the initial layouts may change several times within agency. The first version is hardly ever the last.

The following will be more spectacular for you, as the site becomes more attractive. But easy does it. We do not act on impulse. We adhere to the principles of design instead. What matters at this point are the colours, their suitably matched composition and saturation, as well as the fonts, their typeface and size. They have to match to the pictures posted on the site (do you have your own photos or do we have to shuffle through stocks to purchase some?). When the website is ready in terms of aesthetics, we will show it to you to make sure that you like it and accept it.

Your approval is the green light for us to begin proggraming, which means ecquipping the site in the filled with code inside without which even the prettiest graphics will not work. The layouts have to be ‘cut’, i.e. adjusted to TML standards and CSS technology, translated from plain picture into programming language. That’s not it yet. The designed website has to be equipped in suitable software – another part of programming. It may be simple CMS (Content Management System) or something more complicated, but every time scripts, libraries and databases come into play.

The entire project needs to be checked thouroughly, thus complex testing of the site are necessary. The situation in which possible errors will surprise your recipients is unacceptable. After removing the errors, we will equipe the site in software enabling you to track the website traffic (it will let you know which information is the most interesting for your visitors) and find out where the visitors found your website. We will take care of the positioning so your website is easy to find.

As you can see, a client proud of his website, as well as satisfied visitors are the results of hard work. Spectacular effects take a little more than 7 hours in front of the computer :)

Publication date: 2014-03-21